We are a driven and excited growing team.

Dreams to Pixels

Here at PixelsLtd we want to bring your idea to life threw the Web. As a small team we have so much excitement to design and develop it gets us so excited to work alongside you on your journey.

Our Services


Intuitive and catchy designs backed by cognitive user behaviour

Web Development

Custom web applications in a wide array of frameworks and technologies

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Why PixelsLtd?

One Stop Shop.

Here at PixelsLtd we are great at putting your business on the map, we are great at design, development and we will not just leave after we have made the website.

How we Run

We put dedicated time towards the projects that we do and we make sure everything is tested and working 100% to perfection before giving to the customer.

About us

Our team are always looking to grow in our field and create great relationships with each contact customer. We are personal, innovative and always looking to develop are portfolio.

Meet the Team.

Joseph Watson

Hello I am a Front-End dev that has experience using different languages for example Html, CSS, Java-script, Vue.js Bootstrap and a little Bulma.

Andrew Beadman

Hello I am a backend developer with experience creating and maintaining APIs and databases. I have experience with Node JS, Python, Express, Firebase and MongoDB.